Thank you to everyone who came to our 50th anniversary party on September 15, 2108. 

It was an incredible event full of photos, memories, videos, music, and friends. 
The celebration is over, but there are is a continuing effort to support and maintain MLC's history so that our beloved school is around for another 50 years!

Here are some ways that you can help: 

1. Add your MLC story:

2. Tell us about your lives and accomplishments here!:

3. Purchase copies of the MLC50 magazine. Proceeds from the sale will go towards maintaining this website, upkeep of the physical MLC archive, and future publications. Purchase here.

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MLC 50th Anniversary Magazine

MLC 50th Anniversary Magazine

MLC 50th Magazine, September 2018


Ruth Frankel, Halloween 2007.JPG

Ruth Frankel in the MLC office, Halloween 2007.


2015 - Egg Drop2 05-27-15.JPG

2015 - Egg Drop 05/27/15